Can't Find My Project

Open Projects

Projects that are currently open in your My Project folder in your account will be saved for 180 days before they are deleted from your account. Create a duplicate copy of the project to extend the time of your project for an additional 180 days to continue working on your open project.

Finished Projects

Projects that have been completed and ordered through the website will move to the Finished Projects tab in your My Projects folder. Those completed projects will be saved for one year from the date they were ordered. Projects will be deleted after one yeat and unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve them once they have been deleted from our servers. 

Missing Project

If you have a missing project in either the open or finished projects folder, make sure you are signed in to the correct site you started your project on. We have multiple sites available to all our customers, the Canadian site in both English and French, and our United States site. You can easily switch sites using the flag icon in the top right of the webpage or the language button to switch from English to French.


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