Checklist For FTP orders

Use our file checklist below to ensure that your images are ready for submission. Before submitting files please place an order for an FTP product via

Note that these instructions are only for Print and Wall Display FTP orders, and are not applicable for orders placed with our easy to use online editor. 


Has the order been placed?
The order should have already been placed before submitting any print-ready data. After placing your order via, you will receive an Order No.(ex: 102125247) after the Order Checkout Screen.

You will also receive an Order Confirmation e-mail from the Pikto Support Team. This e-mail will contain all your Order information including your Order No. (ex: 102125247).

Finally, you will receive a separate email with upload instructions.



Submit Print-Ready FTP orders

Print-ready data is data which does not require any edits or corrections before the print production process. Follow the checklist below to ensure files are print-ready. Please note that files that are not sized or cropped will incur a minimum $15 charge. 

1. Please check your file size.

a. Image sized and cropped to final print size.

b. Recommend resolution is 150-300 dpi.

c. Wall Displays, Stationery and Double Sided Prints have a bleed of approximately 1/8" on all sides.  

2. Please check your file format

a. JPG or flattened TIFF format. (Multiple page PDF for Stationery and Double Sided Prints)

b. 8 bit RGB (Giclée up to 16 bit)

c. Files embedded with a valid color profile such as sRGB or AdobeRGB 98. 

3. Please name your files & folder accordingly:

      File: name with  image size and print type
  ie. Image7288_24x24_PhotoPrint_Luster.jpg
  Folder: name with order number  

4. Please Zip archive your folder

5. Please submit your folder

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