How to export BOOKit projects after the retirement deadline

The BOOKit application was retired on December 31, 2015 and should no longer be used to create any new Photobook projects. However, if you have existing projects that you would like printed, there is a manual method for extracting the files. There is a cost of $2 per page to unlock and prepare the high resolution file for printing (watermarks need to be removed on all pages) . If you would like to proceed please follow the steps below and send your project to Pikto.  

1. Click on "Send to Pikto"
2. Once Preview is complete go to:
PC Users/YourUsername/.digilabs/piktoi/temp/
MAC  In finder, select Go:Go to Folder and enter ~/Library/Preferences/digilabs/pikto/temp
Copy the file(s) proof_pages.pdf and proof_cover.pdf
3. Send file(s) to Pikto for production. Contact for upload information,. 
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