Reprints will be done when there is an error or damage to an order. This includes damage during shipping, material defect, or workmanship. If there is an error with your item, please email us at within fourteen days of receiving your product, with a photograph and description of the damage and your order number. Customers are required to return all defective orders before starting a reprint.


Pikto will then determine if a reprint is necessary. Reprints may only be done for the same product and from the original files submitted when the order was placed. New files are considered as a new order and can not be used for a reprint order. Reprint orders will have the same turnaround times and will be shipped in the same method as the original order. Customers will receive new tracking once the reprint is completed and shipped if they originally selected shipping for their order. Customers who selected the pickup option will be responsible to pick up any reprint orders from our location.

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