Lost Projects

If you have been working on a project for a long time while not signed in or before making an account, you may loose it when you attempt to save. There is some possibility your project saved outside of your account to our server. If you would like us to search our server for your file please send an email to support@pikto.com with a brief message outlining the situation as well as the following info: 

- When you started creating your book (as close as you can remember)

- The size of your book 

- Whether your book was a Hardcover Imagewrap, Hardcover Textile, or Softcover?

- What image was on the first page or cover of your book? This is what will appear next to your project on our servers project list, so a detailed description or sending the pic will help us find your project faster if we can.  


*Please note not all projects in this situation are saved to the server. We will do our best to find your project. To avoid this situation please be sure to make an account and sign in before working on any projects online, and press "Save" often to keep your changes. 

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