Common Editor Warnings

Our editor is designed to give warnings when there could be an issue with printing what you see on the screen.

Low Quality Picture

This warning icon is set to warn you that an image that may not print the most crisp at the size chosen. The photo will print pretty true to what you see on the screen with some loss of quality. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee any image with a low resolution warning will print great, but this will give you an idea.

What to do: We recommend moving images that are low resolution into smaller layouts within the editor, to condense the pixels and help the image print more clearly. You can also remove the image from your project.

Final Check
When you go to check out you will get a last check warning that looks like this. You will get a “Could be Fixed” warning alongside how many pages have a possible issue. The warning will then give a detailed breakdown of each page and what issues could be resolved.


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