Intro to the Editor: Photo Books

The following introduction will give you an overview of the photo book editor you'll currently find on the Pikto website. It will provide information to help you navigate around the editor, and links to other articles for further detail.    

When you start a new photo book project and head into the editor, you'll see a screen that looks something like this:


The image layouts and options along the top of the editor will look different depending on the type of book being created. Pictured is the editor view for an 8.5 x 11 Essential Hardcover Book.

At the bottom of the editor you will see displayed the pages of your book. This will show you how many pages your book is currently at.


Along the top of the editor you will see the toolbar.  In our advanced editor, which will offer more options to customize and create your photo book, you will have three tabs to choose from Home, Layout and Background.


Home Options:

Add Picture Box:  This option will allow you to add more pictures boxes to create a custom layout. Once the Picture box icon is clicked a new square picture box will appear, as well as several new options to further customize your picture box.  

Add Text Box: When you select the tool to add text you will get more option to change the size, font style and colouring of the text.  
Autofill: Use this to have all uploaded images automatically placed throughout your book in random layout.
Insert Page:  To add a new pages click on the spread you wish the new pages to go before and click add. Maximum page counts will vary between book styles.
Delete Page: Click on the spread you wish to remove and then delete. Please note that there is a minimum page requirement. Once you've reached the minimum page count you will not be able to delete any pages.


Screen_Shot_2019-03-18_at_9.25.53_AM.pngLayout: Displays all layouts available for the given project/page. To select a layout just click and choose where you would like to place the layout (left, right or full page) - or simply drag and drop the layout to apply it to the template.

Single Page vs. Full spread Layouts: Full page spreads will be shown with a faint line.



You can either apply a full page spread to the current spread you are working on or you can apply the layout to every page in your book.

The same can be done with single page layouts. The selected layout can be applied to one or both sides of the current spread you are working on.




Background: Change the background colour of your pages with over 45+ colours to choose from. Just click on the colour and select which page side you wish to place it on.

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