Spine Text

When placing your order for books with an image wrap on the cover, it's important to double check the design of the Spine Text, especially when adding more pages to your project. While creating your Essential Photoalbum book, you will notice there is no spine text when you get started. First, you will need to start your project in the "Advanced Editor" editing mode of our editing software. (Image 1)



Once inside the "Advanced Editor" you will be able to add additional pages to your project. The spine thickness will begin to expand as you add more pages to your project. If you do not desire additional pages to be added to your project, the spine thickness will remain at the default size. At the top of your screen you will see a tool bar with several options, click on "Insert Page" to add additional pages to your project.  (Image 2)



Now that you have added the desired amount of additional pages to your project, you can go ahead and insert a "Text Box" for the spine. You must select the cover page of your project to add spine text. At the top of your editor under tool bar options, select "Text Box". (Image 3)



A "Text Box" will be placed in the centre of your book project. Double click on the text box to edit the text to what you would like it to say. (Image 4&5)




Now that you have edited your text, press the green "Check Mark" button, from here you will need to rotate the text box, by selecting “Rotate” from the tool bar at the top of the editor. Now go ahead and rotate the text box to 90 degrees using the blue slider. (*CAREFUL NOT ROTATE TO -90 Degrees*) (Image 6&7)




After rotating the text box 90 degrees, you may use any any "Handle" of the text box to resize the text box. (Image 8)


Make sure to click the button "Align Text" from the tool bar above to perfectly centre your text within the text box. (Image 9)



Using the tool bar, you will see "Centre Align". This will align all the text in the text box to the centre of the text box. (Image 10)



Ensure that the text box is perfectly centered by drawing the text box until a pink grid line appears. The pink grid line signals the text box is now centred aligned. (Image 11)



You are able to now freely drag your centred text box along the vertical axis of the spine. Note, the pink grid must appear to ensure your text is centre aligned. (Image 12)



Now that you have completed the design of your project and you have double checked the text box of the spine you are ready to place your order. Click on the “Order” button to save your project and place your order. (Image 13)



If you want full bleed images on your book cover with no uneven white edges, the images must run into the "Bleed" zone to the edge of the page in red.  (Image 14)









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