Uploading images from a mobile device

A simple way to upload image files from your phone or mobile device is to start the project from the mobile device. From your mobile browser, go to Pikto.com. Open the menu bar on the left and login into your account.




If you’ve already started a project, select the ‘My Projects' option to view your current projects. If you have not started a project yet, select the product you would like to order from the side menu and create a new project.




Once you’ve selected the kind of product you would like to order and selected ‘Create Now’, you will be taken to the editor screen. From there, select the icon at the bottom labelled ‘Please add some pictures’ to begin the upload process.




We recommend reviewing your images on a calibrated screen before ordering. To open the existing project in a computer, you can locate your project by signing in to Pikto.com from your desktop or laptop browser, and selecting the "My Projects" option, this time located on the top right of the page.





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