Uploading Images

To start, please sign in to your Pikto.com account and select the kind of Photo Print you'd like to order. Photo Prints can be ordered from here: 


Once you've selected an item, this will open the Photo Print upload window.



You can either drag and drop the images into the page, or select the "Add Photos" option to open the browse window and select the desired images. Please note the editor will only accept .jpg files. 

If your file is being rejected, please double check the following: 

File format: Only .jpg files will be accepted, other file formats will be rejected. 

Colour space: Please ensure that your file has an sRGB colour profile. Files with a different profile, like a CMYK profile, will be not be accepted by the editor. 

Bit Depth: The Photo Prints editor will only accept files set to 8-bit. 


If you are unsure about any of the above or  have any questions please contact support@pikto.com





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