File Specifications

Ordering through our FTP allows you to bypass the online editor and submit print-ready files directly to our server. To order through our FTP, please first place an order for the item through the respective FTP ordering page: 

Photo Prints & Archival Fine Art Prints:

Decor Items:

After your order has been placed you will receive an e-mail with an upload link.  Please note that files must be cropped and sized to the selected print size prior to upload. If submitting multiple files please place them within one single .zip folder. There is no size limit. 

Photo Prints and Decor Items

Format: .jpg or flat .tiff

Colour Space: sRGB

Bit Depth: 8 bit


Archival Fine Art Prints

Format: .jpg or flat .tiff

Colour Space: sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998)

Bit Depth: 8 or 16 bit. 

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